Urban Velo Magazine

I cofounded Urban Velo Magazine, and acted as editor, photographer, envelope stuffer, janitor and ultimately the only full time employee for the entire 45 issue run from 2007 - 2014. Photography ranged from event coverage and feature story imagery, to product review and technical "how-to" segments. Output varied issue by issues depending on editorial content and advertising page ratio. As a complete work, Urban Velo stands as my most extensive published portfolio. 

Dirt Rag Magazine

Dirt Rag Magazine was my entrance to publishing, the cycling industry, and where I first shot with a digital camera and studio lights. Photography was but part of the job in the later few years of my tenure from 1997-2007, consisting of event and tradeshow coverage, product reviews, and technical segments. I was happy to be welcomed back into the pages for four spreads of "Then & Now" studio photography as featured in issue #200. 


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Other Bike Industry Editorial

Over the years I've had editorial photography published in many bicycle industry consumer publications including Adventure Cyclist, PEDAL Magazine, Grit.cx, Singletrack UK, Bicycling.com, and BIKE Magazine. Bike show pictures have appeared in many magazines and coffee table books, and on countless websites (with and without permission).