Commercial work can be as simple as a single image product shot or as involved as a multi-year branding campaign, with all manner of short or long projects in between those extremes. Marin Bikes and Stan's No Tubes photography is shot as part of branding and design work within Pfaltzgraphic LLC. 


Marin Bikes

Lifestyle, action, and product photography of pavement, mountain and adventure bikes, 2014 - present. Shooting is completed with new model availability each spring season in a 7-12 day-long session side-by-side with a video production crew for website, dealer book, and advertising content throughout the coming year.


Stan's No Tubes

Studio and limited action photography, 2016 - present. Primary work consists of studio product photography, with an emphasis on bicycle wheels at consistent, repeatable angles for product galleries and advertising use. 



North American Handmade Bicycle Show and The Philly Bike Expo

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show and The Philly Bike Expo  are the premier handmade bicycle shows in the United States. Over the years I've shot for various magazines and the shows themselves, and I'm proud to act as the official studio photographer of both shows at the present time.